Currently we, as advertisers, create concepts a little bit like bowling, in the way we craft a message and throw it down the alley hoping to hit as many pins as possible. But it doesn’t work that way anymore. Tim Leake, pointed out that advertising is much more of a pinball game. The ball is the audience, it’s bouncing around many places, and we don’t know where it would hit. So now, we need to put small efforts in different places in a more strategic way.

Let’s visualize people as the new media.

How do we create ideas that run on the medium of people rather than those wrapped around TV, radio or social media? We need to think about ideas with a meaning that people want to spread around the world.

Interesting content is key, because that is what creates conversations and that’s what social is all about. Let’s be more about engagement than perfect crafting.

As Tim suggested: use basic improvising guidelines to improve the creative process.

Listen to your audience. What do they say? What do they want? What would they prefer?

Yes and do something about it.  You can only change the conversation if you are part of it.

Make the active choice and stop being storytellers, start inspiring stories. Inspire people to talk about something, to act for something. Make everyone else look brilliant and stop showing off.

Mistakes are a gift, look at mistakes as new opportunities. Tweak them, turn them around and make them positive.

The secret to success, Rehearse.

You need to rehearse the rules. How do we get better at listening? How do we accept mistakes? How do we make active choices? If you start rehearsing, eventually you can come up with a really cool idea.

So let’s focus on creating social objects and not just ads. Something that could be shared, it could even be a physical thing that people like and take pictures of to share on social media.

Let’s get into the pinball game!!

Written for Social Media Week in Los Angeles, CA