An Inside Look At Lena Dunham & Time Out’s Collab

An Inside Look At Lena Dunham

And Time Out’s Collab

At Social Media Week LA, Time Out Associate Publisher Erin Delahanty addressed the company’s evolution from print, with their first publication in 1968, to now, serving the global Time Out community with a customized app you can take anywhere you go.

Erin pointed out that the strongest side of Time Out’s core success is their ability to create end-to-end conversations across various platforms. Mostly, brand communications become fragmented and overly granular, but Time Out is paving the way for discussions, collaborations, and content creation in the digital space.

Time Out takes a multi-platform approach to content strategy, including a presence in print advertisements, which dates back to their roots. In recent years, Time Out has made long strides in the social and digital space, with each platform owning its own purpose for content.

Time Out created an article for Lena Dunham of HBO’s Girls, which ran across all platforms. Erin explained how they approached the Time Out’s Twitter community and asked them what they wanted to know about Lena. Finally, Time Out produced a video that addressed fans’ questions, included behind-the-scene videos and photographs from Lena’s Time Out cover photoshoot.

Written for Social Media Week in Los Angeles, CA

Beyond releasing a video interview, Time Out created a contest for fans and followers in where they submitted their favorite quote from Lena’s Time Out interview for the opportunity to win a limited edition print of Time Out’s cover.

Social media is not a one way communication. It is key to understand the audience and engage. User generated content increased engagement for Time Out, and bridged the gap between brand and community in a very collaborative approach. Time Out proved how they recognize the huge support of their fans, and encourages other brands and companies to tap into those minds to contribute and create content.

“Above anything, it just felt comfortable for the Time Out brand” – Delahanty.Add block