We live in an era driven by startup businesses and passionate creators. Who are they? What do they do? How do they think? At Social Media Week Los Angeles, Forbes sat down with selected members of their “30 Under 30″ class, amongst them Natasha Case, Bing Chen and Jessica Willison. These “Under 30″ leaders shared their personal experiences of how they created a business from an idea, and how they got to where they are today. The stories shared were fantastic, but what they each represent was even greater.

Millennials have an interesting take on what work means to them. Your job is your passion. It is more about doing something you believe in, something with a broader purpose, and not only a title. It is well represented that this generation fights for innovation, and their eagerness to explore. As Case pointed out, “we’ll never be perfect, and we’ll be always evolving. Go explore, explore, explore!”

Becoming an entrepreneur could take over your entire life. Your mind is constantly racing, which might not be a bad thing if you are working for something you love. Bing Chen taught us the importance of committing to your mission while persisting for what you believe in, but how should one balance work and life simultaneously? It can get overwhelming at a certain point, and it is normal to forget about you as a person. But it is good to understand, as Willson said, “work will always be there and it is important to take care of ourselves first”.

This is a great example of why this new generation of businesses and organizations are focusing on work environments, making it a place you enjoy day after day. Many startups focus on creating an environment that is fun, liberating and full of culture. It is important to remember that the workplace is where ideas are created, so make it a place we find happiness from too. This shift, like others, represents our beliefs and passions, and who we are largely portrays what our company might be as well.