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Currently we, as advertisers, create concepts a little bit like bowling, in the way we craft a message and throw it down the alley hoping to hit as many pins as possible. But it doesn’t work that way anymore. Tim Leake, pointed out that advertising is much more of a pinball game. The ball is the audience, it’s bouncing […]

An Inside Look At Lena Dunham & Time Out’s Collab

At Social Media Week LA, Time Out Associate Publisher Erin Delahanty addressed the company’s evolution from print, with their first publication in 1968, to now, serving the global Time Out community with a customized app you can take anywhere you go. Erin pointed out that the strongest side of Time Out’s core success is their ability to create end-to-end conversations across various platforms. Mostly, brand communications […]


Beatriz Acevedo, Founder and President of Mitú discussed the power of the Hispanic market in the United States during Social Media Week in Los Angeles. During her conference she mentioned the obvious growing market Hispanics are in the US. They have a purchase power of 1.6T dollars, they over-index in consumption of technology, and have […]